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10 Reasons Why You Should Oppose Red Flag Laws



There is a dangerous push throughout our nation for Red Flag Laws that would allow the government to confiscate guns without due process.

National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch on Thursday posted a series of tweets titled “Ten Reasons Why You Should Oppose Red Flag Laws.”

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Here is Dana’s list:

  1. “RedFlagLaws are an inversion of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ The standard of evidence is low and while state laws vary, many different people, not just family, can report you.”

  2. “You don’t have to be in the room (and advance notice isn’t required) for the petition to be granted meaning you must wait to defend yourself. Most laws provide no penalty for abuse and no state law allows for civil cause of action against false accusers.”
  3. “Time varies as to how long until respondents can have their day in court. A study conducted on Indiana’s law, which said 14 day wait, revealed that the average wait was 9 months. Rights delayed are rights denied.”
  4. “@davekopel , who has done excellent research on this, has noted that of the four states with the oldest gun confiscation laws, Connecticut, Indiana, California, and Washington, no research has revealed any statistical reduction in crime. Furthermore, Kopel notes that nearly 1/3 of such orders are improperly issued against innocent people.”
  5. “No advance notice is given ahead of serving a #RedFlag order. That worked out horribly for Maryland resident Gary Willis, who was shot and killed when answering his door early morning before the sun was up. This puts LEO in a HORRIBLE position of enforcing these orders.”
  6. “Counsel is not provided (Blumenthal draft does, it’s of little solace considering), meaning you could be like FL man Jonathan Carpenter, who is waging an expensive court battle to clear his name and reclaim his property because his name was too similar to a drug dealer’s.”
  7. “We aren’t arresting people, we’re arresting guns. State laws ignore the very reason the petition was granted in the first place: danger resulting in violence or mental instability. No mental evaluations given, no charges for a crime.”
  8. “How will confiscated firearms be stored? Local police will be tasked with figuring out storage and bearing the cost of any liability or insurance — at a time when some struggle with budgets to afford body cams.”
  9. “This isn’t just about the 2nd Amendment. It doesn’t matter if you’re a ‘gun nut’ or even own guns. The deconstruction of due process calls into question your 5th and 14th Amendment rights, too.”
  10. “Lastly (not really, but I’m sticking to 10), if there is enough evidence to strip you of your rights THERE IS ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO CHARGE YOU or commit you. There are NUMEROUS other options to start fixing this problem WITHOUT sacrificing due process.”