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2020 Blurs the Line Between Parody and Reality



Mobs enforcing political correctness, locking Americans in their homes, murder hornets, and even UFO’s – it all sounds like badly written satire, but these are all real news stories from this year. Actual current events have certainly blurred the line between parody and reality.

Last week, the main stream media was flooded with articles about Black Lives Matter protesters toppling statues of people who fought against slavery. The same week,, a news satire site, published a report stating California is imposing fines for people who ignore CDC guidelines barring handshaking. In 2020, both stories could received as real or parody. The line is definitely blurred.

“Yesterday, I sent a text to my partner telling him The Dixie Chicks removed ‘Dixie’ from their name and are now known as ‘The Chicks,'” said E. Brian Rose, managing editor of Dupaloo. “My partner responded saying he loves it and we should write that article. I laughed when I told him it was real, not an idea for a parody.”

Dupaloo joins other parody sites, like Babylon Bee and The Onion, who are struggling to come up with comical headlines in a world where actual headlines are often times too outrageous to sound real. But they are doing it.

“No matter how crazy the real world gets, we will always come up with something more ridiculous,” said Brad Gosse, co-founder of Dupaloo. And Dupaloo seems to be doing just that.

Headlines like “New Woke Monopoly Brings Socialism to the Kitchin Table” and “Trump Awards Himself Presidential Medal of Freedom” are some examples of the content being shared by Dupaloo’s growing list of readers.

The site is very upfront about the fact their stories are not real. The first indicator is the tagline on every page, which reads, “Trusted Online Source Since 1933.” In case there is any doubt, the site’s “About Us” page is as unambiguous as can be:

Nobody has ever accused Dupaloo of being fake news, yet we are. Virtually everything on our site is not real. Our goal is to entertain our readers and offend as many people as possible. We also want to get lots of views, so we can make a ton of money. Sharing our articles is a good way for you to help us achieve this goal. We are shallow people who do this for the sole reason of getting rich.

But still, there are those who read Dupaloo articles and believe them to be true.

“A year ago, nobody would have ever believed a man got Antifa protesters to remove leaves from his yard by calling them Confederate leaves,” Rose said. “But this year is different. This year, anything can happen.”

In times of great uncertainty, one thing remains the same: people still love to laugh.