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E. Brian Rose Conservative Talking Points Newsletter – June 11, 2020

It’s official. Half the country has gone completely insane.

Today’s newsletter contains some craziness. It starts with the insanity happening in Seattle and ends with a knockout punch to the coronavirus narrative. I have included links to some shareworthy social media posts and tweets. Let’s get started…


In case you haven’t heard about what’s going on, protesters in Seattle have taken over a six block section of the city. They have expelled police and are reportedly charging businesses to operate within the area. Armed guards are patrolling the perimeter.

One would think today’s top story on every news network would be the terrorist insurgency happening in Seattle. But, it’s not. In fact, CNN felt a story about one of Trump’s generals not wearing a face mask was more important that armed men taking over part of a U.S. city.

(Here’s a link to a similar FB post if you prefer sharing on Facebook.)

President Trump has made several tweets warning Seattle’s mayor and Washington’s governor to take immediate action against these punks or he will.

I have a slightly different opinion for now. The people of Seattle elected weak socialists into public office. They have told their police to stand down. Perhaps the people of Seattle should see the outcome of their elections.

And it seems a leader has appeared. He calls himself a “warlord” and travels with an entourage of thugs.


Last night, Tucker Carlson delivered a knock out punch the the coronavirus narrative that has been pushed on us for nearly four months. His video has been going viral ever since. Watch it and share it with the world. Make sure everyone sees this.

That’s it for today’s newsletter. My next newsletter is going to be a doozy. Be sure and look for it in your inbox.

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