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E. Brian Rose Conservative Talking Points Newsletter – June 12, 2020

This is one crazy year. If 2020 were a movie, it would likely bomb for being too unrealistic.

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Today, I’ll spotlight some shareable social media content that covers cancel culture, looting, and hypocrisy. Here we go…


I grew up watching the TV show Cops. For a while, the show inspired me to want to become a police officer. Well, that’s over. The lunatics in charge of today’s world have decided the sight of police is now too disturbing for our fragile eyes.

If you want to get one last taste in, this scene might be the most classic in the history of the show. Watch all the way to the end…

A&E’s Live PD has also been cancelled.

Clearly, real cops are just too much reality for us to handle in 2020, but what about animated cops? Surely, we are mature enough to handle cartoon dogs solving crimes, right? No.


This really is some amazing footage of a Florida Walmart. It happened yesterday in Tampa. Hundreds of looters busted in the doors and walked out with over $100,000 in merchandise.


All over the country, protesters are tearing down statues of Confederate generals. Congress is stripping names from military bases. Museums that feature offensive history are being vandalized.

Meanwhile, in Seattle…


Back in the 1800’s, Matthias Baldwin was doing pretty well making steam engines and inventing all sorts of things that improved every day lives. He was also investing his money in the opening of schools for black children. For decades, Baldwin fought against slavery.

This guy might be the actual founder of Black Lives Matter, but then this happens…

I’ll get a bit more serious in my next newsletter. I’ll be sharing with you some of the talking points you need to battle the insane leftists on social media. It will be well worth the wait.

Have a great weekend,