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‘Finish The Hell Up’ Gowdy Blasts Rosenstein Over Trump Investigation



“If you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the Trump campaign present it to the damn grand jury,” Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC) told on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Thursday at a meeting of the House Judiciary Committee.

Gowdy gave a short, but accurate depiction of the events leading up to the investigation, starting with rogue FBI agent Peter Strzok’s bias text messages, in which Strzok vowed to “stop” Trump from becoming president.

Commenting on the length of time the Justice Department’s investigation is taking, Gowdy snapped, “If you have evidence that this president acted inappropriately, present it to the American people.”

During live coverage of the hearings, CNN made an attempt to compare the Mueller investigation of the president to the Clinton Benghazi investigation, displaying a graphic that read, “GOP’s Gowdy, who spent years on Benghazi Probe, tells Mueller to finish the hell up.”

But CNN’s graphic failed to mention the Benghazi investigation, unlike the investigation on President Trump, was not conducted by an appointed Special Counsel. Republican members of Congress, none of which had the power to indict, held those hearings to allow the American people to hear the truth.

“We’re over a year into special counsel,” Gowdy told Rosenstein. “You have a criminal investigation that’s become political. You have more bias than I have ever seen manifest in a law enforcement officer in the 20 years I used to do it for a living.”

Gowdy went on to complain about the Democrat’s presumption of guilt, before the conclusion of the investigation. “More than 60 Democrats have already voted to proceed with impeachment before Bob Mueller has found a single, solitary, damn thing,” he said. “More than 60 have voted to move forward with impeachment, and he hasn’t presented his first finding.”

“Whatever you got, finish it the hell up because this country is being torn apart,” he concluded.

Watch the full heated exchange here:

E. Brian Rose is the founder of Top Conservative and host of The EBR Show, a live call-in program syndicated on various sites across the Internet. He is a combat Veteran of the Somalia and Bosnia conflicts, best selling author, and former Republican candidate for U.S Congress.