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James O’Keefe Sues CNN for Broadcasting Story ‘knowing it was false’



Project Varitas founder James O’Keefe has filed a defamation lawsuit against CNN after an anchorwoman made allegedly false statements regarding the investigative news organization’s permanent suspension from Twitter.

“I will depose [Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey] under oath,” O’Keefe said on Fox News Sunday. “And tomorrow, I will sue CNN.”

The lawsuit, filed on Monday, claims CNN anchor Ana Cabrera falsely stated the Project Veritas Twitter account was suspended due to posts containing “misinformation.” O’Keefe says Twitter suspended his account for violating Twitter privacy guidelines.

O’Keefe says he can prove the false statements were made with malice. The lawsuit states Cabrera new the information she reported on CNN was false, because she had previously reported the truth on her personal Twitter account.

Project Veritas is known for producing hard hitting news pieces that contain hidden camera conversations. The organization has several times focused it’s attention on CNN, claiming the cable news network is biased in its reporting. The suspension of the Project Veritas Twitter account came shortly after O’Keefe launched the #ExposeCNN campaign that contained hidden camera video of a CNN staffer claiming his network shapes news stories to benefit political allies.

“This action arises from Defendant CNN’s knowingly false and defamatory claim that Twitter suspended Plaintiff Project Veritas due to ‘spreading misinformation,’ made during a broadcast by Defendant Ana Cabrera in the course of her work as a CNN employee,” the suit states. “CNN’s Ana Cabrera made the February 15, 2021, claim knowing it was false, having herself reported on her Twitter account (@AnaCabrera) on February 11, 2021, that Twitter had permanently banned Project Veritas for what it claimed were ‘repeated violations of Twitter’s policies prohibiting the sharing—or threats of sharing—of other people’s private information without consent.'”

The lawsuit can be read in its entirety here.

E. Brian Rose is the founder of Top Conservative and host of The EBR Show, a live call-in program syndicated on various sites across the Internet. He is a combat Veteran of the Somalia and Bosnia conflicts, best selling author, and former Republican candidate for U.S Congress.