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Police Department’s Facebook Posts Spark Cries of ‘Tyranny’



An official statement from a Mississippi police department has citizens from all over the country crying tyranny.

A Facebook account named “City of Aberdeen, Ms Police Department” is raising eyebrows after it posted details of how their department will be handling coronavirus mandates issued by Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves.

The police department posted the following statement on Wednesday:

Good morning citizens of Aberdeen,

We are now under a mandate that has been set by the governors office that will be enforced.

The mandate says 10 people on the inside and 50 on the outside. If you scheduled events please start making provisions to cancel them if they are going to be on the inside. Please don’t try and figure out how you can get around it because the fine will take majority of your profit.

Curfew will be enforced starting Monday, it will be 11:00 p.m. – 4:00 a.m. attitudes and cussing will be giving a citation for disorderly conduct and possibly a vehicle being towed so heed the warning. Ask employers for badges or some type of paper work for proof.

As far as Christmas parties, pop-up shops, card games, any social gatherings that exceed 10 people, we will be writing the tickets. We ask that you follow the mandate.

Aberdeen Police Department will also start collecting fines that are due. We will expect 100% of the fine so this will not come as a surprise. Do NOT call my phone when they get you or someone you think that can help you. We will start serving warrants December 14, 2020.

Don’t call the Mayor or city councilman/ ladies, they can’t help you. We just want a safe and productive city. We appreciate everything you all can do to help us on this matter.

The post was met by immediate scrutiny by the Facebook community.

“This is tyranny,” wrote Facebook user Wendy Lewis. Daisy Camille Huggins commented, “I never understood why someone would want to defund the police but I understand fully now.”

Jason Lindoholm responded to the police posting with, “I thought this was a joke when I saw it. Sounds like 1984 come true. Complete abuse of power.”

The anonymous Aberdeen official responded to several of the comments, often with condesention and complaints about the attitudes of those stating their concerns.

The following response was posted on Thursday:

“Any issues can be directed to the Governor’s office or the City of Aberdeen Mayor and Board. Our department does not establish any mandates or laws, we just simply enforce them. So, follow the chain of command for any issues. Negatively commenting under this post will not solve any issues any of you may have. The whole Monroe County is being asked to abide by this mandate. Why is the Aberdeen Police Dept the only department in Monroe County under attack?”

After hundreds of new comments from concerned citizens, the Aberdeen official posted the following on Friday morning:

Our department did take the time to read all of our Governor’s comments about the mandate and did not find anyone that’s commenting under this post. Therefore, the mandate nor curfew is the issue at hand. Like previously stated our DEPT is not the only law enforcement agency in Monroe county, but we are the only one under scrutiny. If you are refusing to abide by the mandates, simply stay out of Monroe County because it’s our Governor’s orders not our orders. Typing under this post will not fix any of your concerns, because in actuality the mandate is not your concern , if it was you all will be addressing the Governor’s office, but you’re not. So, therefore the arrest you all are heated about still exists. Our department wants to publicly thank all of our law abiding citizens in our town. The residents of Aberdeen respect and abide by the law for the most part. If you’re not a resident here once again what is your concern with the Governor putting our county (not your county) but our county under a mandate? Like the saying goes “Quit subliminally showing your true colors”

The official then alerted the people, “By the way , this is our department’s last response.”

As of the publishing time, the Aberdeen Police post has received 762 comments and has been shared 449 times on Facebook. The official website of the Aberdeen Police Department is currently producing a page not found error.