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Unhinging Of The Left Is Welcome Distraction For Establishment Politicians



In a recent podcast, Top Conservative editor E. Brian Rose said the unhinging of the left is not doing the Conservative Movement any favors. He says the distraction is allowing the establishment swamp to get deeper.

“From Maxine Waters encouraging mob mentality to Nancy Pelosi saying new jobs equate to a ‘brewing storm,’ there’s no doubt, the leftists have gone nuts,” Rose said. “The entire leftist platform seems to revolve around nothing more than hating President Trump.”

Rose said this type of behavior bodes well for the Republican Party, as the average voter sees anarchy on the left and calmness on the right. But he asks the question, “How does this affect conservatives like you and me?”

“Horribly, that’s how,” Rose answered. “While the nation focuses its attention on hating or defending Trump, the GOP and Democrat establishments continue to bilk the American taxpayer, without anyone so much a batting an eye. These distractions, as entertaining as they may be, provide cover for the biggest crimes being committed.”

Rose told his audience the bloated budgets are designed solely to benefit special interest groups and the increasing deficits are guaranteeing us massive tax increases in the very near future. “In less than nine years, experts predict the interest payments on the national debt will be equal to or greater than the entire budget of the US military,” he said.

He also blames programs like use-it-or-lose-it budgeting, which “waste” upwards of 16 percent of the annual $4 trillion government budget.

“As conservatives, we must keep our eyes on the ball,” Rose exclaimed. “We must pressure our elected officials to stop voting in favor of gross omnibus spending bills. We must continue to call out those that campaign on small government, only to drastically increase the size of government.”

“We must get back to promoting the Conservative Movement, before it’s too late.”

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