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Shocking: Maddow Suggests Trump May Be Russian ‘Foreign Agent’



The mainstream media is now pushing the notion we have a real life Manchurian Candidate in the White House.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow suggested that President Trump may be a foreign agent working for the Russian government.  The provocative statement came on the Saturday broadcast of “AM Joy.” Maddow told host Joy Reid it is now “palpable” that Trump is a “foreign agent.”

Maddow said with certainty that Russia helped elect Trump to the presidency before asking, “Is our president subordinate to a foreign power? Does our president answer to a foreign government and a foreign leader.”

Maddow went on to say, “It makes the worst case scenario really palpable. The worst case scenario that the president is a foreign agent suddenly feels very palpable.”

Watch the shocking discussion here:

E. Brian Rose is the founder of Top Conservative and host of The EBR Show, a live call-in program syndicated on various sites across the Internet. He is a combat Veteran of the Somalia and Bosnia conflicts, best selling author, and former Republican candidate for U.S Congress.