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The Hypocrisy Of Democratic Diplomacy



Things change quickly within the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton was against gay marriage, before she wasn’t. Prior to her criticism of building a wall, she was all for securing the border. And then there’s Russia.

For almost two years, Democrats throughout the nation have been demanding President Trump’s head on a platter for his “romance” with Vladimir Putin. Just this week, the New York Times published a cartoon depicting a homosexual relationship between the two world leaders. “In this episode of Trump Bites, Donald Trump’s not-so-secret admiration for Vladimir Putin plays out in a teenager’s bedroom, where the fantasies of this forbidden romance come to life,” the newspaper tweeted on Tuesday.

But how did Hillary Clinton feel about Russia. Surely, she must have despised the country and used her position to make sure Russia remained weak, right?

Not really. Actually, it’s probably safe to say that Democrats would be demanding Donald Trump be tried for treason if he were to utter some of the words uttered by the former Secretary of State.

In 2010, Clinton told Russian television she wanted to “help stregthen Russia.”

A couple of years later, she bragged on American TV about the cozy US-Russia relationship, saying “Russia has been an ally.” She then stated she wanted to “maximize cooperation.”

Even Mrs. Clinton’s boss was in on the Russian schmoozing.

Former President Barack Obama felt the need to hide his Russia cooperation from the American people, at least until after they voted for him. “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility,” Obama told the former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. “I will transmit this information to Vladimir,” Medvedev responded. The entire exchange was caught on a hot microphone.

The cries of treason were soft; so soft that nobody heard them.

Democrats have made flipping positions their modus operandi, but one thing remains consistent: If it hurts Trump, they are all for it.

E. Brian Rose is the founder of Top Conservative and host of The EBR Show, a live call-in program syndicated on various sites across the Internet. He is a combat Veteran of the Somalia and Bosnia conflicts, best selling author, and former Republican candidate for U.S Congress.